It is recommended that your piece be kept in a jewelry pouch or box to protect it and reduce exposure to air, which will naturally oxidize metal components over time. Your piece may use raw brass where oxidization could be appealing. Raw metal components can be lightly polished with warm water or a natural cleaner (such as lemon juice & baking soda) and a soft cloth. Metals that are not raw, such as antiqued brass or gold-fill, should not be polished.


Jewelry should be kept dry and away from chemicals. Stones & metals may discolor if they come in contact with liquids. Stones are softer than you think and are therefore susceptible to damage. Avoid dropping or knocking jewelry pieces on hard surfaces.


Stainless steel is used whenever possible, such as for ear wires, for its sturdy, resistant, and hypo-allergenic qualities. However, stainless steel ear wires may still cause irritation for some people. 


Questions about the specific materials used in your jewelry piece can be directed to



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